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parents: you need a break!

It’s time to stop spinning and find balance. Say goodbye to vetting
babysitters, high costs of childcare, scheduling hassles, and fears
of overburdening the same friends and family for help.

schedule and
trade childcare

The kidcareshare app lets you instantly schedule and trade childcare with friends and family.
Playdates, carpools and date nights are just a simple click away!

trusted peers provide care

Create customized careshare groups and only trade
care with peers you and your kiddos already know.

trade points and save money

Like an online co-op, a points-based system relieves cost burdens. Parents you’ve invited to
join your careshare groups all participate equitably by giving care to earn tradable points.

important details
all in one place

Keep schedules, important household contact info, and child specific
notes secure and at your fingertips

notes notes

everyone wins

You and your care providers earn points to trade or redeem for cool offers and
discounts at merchants you love. No more guilt asking for a favor. It’s a win-win.